Why Nordic Guiding

Born and raised in the Tolga / Tynset area I devoted a good part of my life to fly fishing and the nature surrounding me. There is, in all modesty, not much I don't know about when and where to catch fish on a fly.

Guiding from expert to beginner

New to fly fishing? No problem. I will take you to the more accessible parts of the river Glomma and help you to start up.

Guiding you to the top 5 rivers

From Glomma river to Hodalen lakes and from Tunna to Grimsa, we guide you to the top 5 rivers in the area.

Catching your dream fish

Fishing stays fishing. Nobody can give you 100% guarantee you will catch your dream fish. But we go all the way for you. From casting technique to special home made flies.

6 top rivers

I made a selection of six rivers to choose from and also offer group and special all inclusive one night camping trips to the lakes. For more info or an extended list of rivers, please contact me.

grimsa river
River Grimsa
River Hola
tuna river
Tunna River
glomma river
Glomma River
River Vanngrøfta
hodalen lakes
Hodalen lakes

Guiding area

We offer a wide range of rivers in Norway

What clients say

'I want to thank you for your outstanding service we enjoyed very much! You were extremely knowledgeable and friendly taking us to some remote spots we would not have found ourselves. Also, you managed to cover for an unreliable colleague of yours and created a positive memory of a trip which hopefully my son will keep in good memory for a very long time'! Best regards! Niko
Nicolaus Wernicke
Fly fishing banker

Specials & Packages

In cooperation with Cast Away Fly Fishing Magazine we offer a 36 hours fly fishing guiding camp at the Hodalen lakes. This 36 hour adventure includes: accommodation - all meals and Guiding. For more info press the button below.