Rivers: Glomma - Grimsa - Tunna - Hola - Vangrøfta - Hodalen Lakes

Rivers and description

glomma river
cast away fly fishing
cast away fly fishing

River Glomma: The Fly Fishing zone contains 15 km of the best grayling water of Norway and even Europe. It will be my pleasure to show you the possibilities

River Grimsa:  Grimsa has a fly-fishing zone of about 18 kilometers and there is only ten tickets on offer every day, to regulate the fishing pressure. The river varies between fast rapids and nice calm sections and the river is easily accessible.

River Tunna: River Tunna meets the Glomma west from the town Tynset. The Tunna river is best descriped as pocket water with deep pools and fast stretches. Tunna river has a fly fishing zone since 2009. 

Kvennan Camping

River Hola: This part of the Hola river is ideal for fly fishing, it varies between rapids and quiet stretches. You will find hatches of many different may flies and sedge, if you’re lucky you can also encounter H. Danica (Mayfly) on this river. 

River Vangrøfta: The river Vanngrøfta is a perfect river for catching wild trophy brown trout. The river has a limited number of licenses available each day. This ensures that you will have plenty of river stretch at your disposal, and keeps fishing pressure down.

Hodalen Lakes: The Hodalen lakes are at 20 min driving from the small town of Tolga. They contain a very good stock of grayling, trout, pike, bass and white fish. The scenery is just stunning.

What's Included


we can transport you from your accommodation to the river(s)

Quality Guiding

We try to push our guiding to a higher level. For example: we provide you with authentic house made flies which are tested at all the rivers we provide guiding.


All destinations have divers scenery. The river Glomma is different from river Grimsa. And Grimsa from Hola.