NOK 1000/person
4 Hours 1 person

Vangrøfta river guiding

Vangrøfta river is well managed and by doing so it continues to be a fantastic river where you can catch trophy trout. The Vangrøfta river sources in the mountains west of the Glomma valley and flows slowly through a beautiful scenery. Upper parts hold only trout. Lower parts also have some good grayling fishing. This river is perfect for hunting fish with a dry fly and is easy accessible. Fly zone and 10 licenses per day in the upper part. Join me on a fly fishing adventure on Vangrøfta river or a special camp trip through Hodalen lakes

Pricing Chart

Choose from our comprehensive guiding list. We also offer one night camping fly fishing trips to the mountain lakes for groups up to four people.

4 hour guiding
1 person
NOK 1000/person
  • 4 hour guiding
  • 2 people
  • 1500 NOK pp
8 hour guiding
1 person
NOK 2000/person
  • 8 hours guiding
  • 2 people 3000 NOK pp
36 hour guiding
by 4 people
NOK 1750/person
  • 36 hours guiding
  • Hodalen lake tour
  • Accommodation
  • Barbecue
  • Food Provided
“This river isn't a do it yourself river. Luckely we found Marius and he made some time for us.Thank's again Marius for a day of good fishing and all the information you gave us'.
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